Mozilla CS 101

Mozilla CS 101

Welcome to CS 101!

Greetings from GLUG. This generation has no recollection of an era where technology was absent. From bulky keypad phones with no cameras to sleek phones with 12 MP cameras, we have come a long way. Haven’t you ever thought it would be cool to build our own app like Instagram? Have you ever wondered about building a robot? Have you ever seen movies and thought “Damn! Hackers are so cool”. Wondering all these things but don’t know how to start developing? Confused on which field to pursue? Well here we are to help you find your best interests!

CS 101 is your typical introduction into the various fields of technlogy. We start the event from 9 AM on Friday, 23rd of August at the CS seminar hall.


GitHub and HackerRank

by Sunchit Lakhanpal

Cyber Security and Hacking

by Ujwal Kumar

Introduction to Flutter and building a live app

by Aswin Gopinathan and Prakruthi Manjunath

Web Development

by Aditya Raman

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

by Apoorv Kumar Singh

Please do go through the following links to install Flutter to make the live app session much more faster:

Flutter SDK

To read more about our experience with hosting the event, checkout our post Mozilla CS101 Experience by Ujwal Kumar.

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