Welcome Freshers 2019

Welcome Freshers 2019

Hello freshers!

We’re GLUG (GNU/Linux Users Group), the official CSE technical club of Sir MVIT.

We’re sure you must be wondering how to become a programming wizard and the answer is Open Source. We’re excited to help you kickstart your new journey as an engineering student and we want to waste no time in introducing you to all the exciting things you can create with a computer.

We’ve curated a collection of resources for you to get started.

To ask any doubts and stay updated on the latest tech happening in and around Bangalore, join our official online community CodeShack on Telegram and Slack.

The WhatsApp group has limited capacity so everyone might not be able to join.


Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh Neighbourhood friendly Software Engineer. GLUG Lead | Microsoft Student Partner | AI Developer
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