Put your talent, passion, and determination to the test at a high-tech event that will feature all of the latest trends and technologies.

The goal of this Build-a-thon is to prototype ideas, products and services that are able to create social and economic value for the community by hacking everyday objects and using open data, open-source libraries, public APIs, frameworks for fast prototyping and software development, microcontrollers, sensors, and other hardware (e.g. 3D printers, beacons, wearables, etc.).

This Build-a-thon will provide an opportunity for brilliant young talents to create their works with the help of mentors and experts, who—together with the panel of judges (see below)—will be on hand throughout their project, while also experiencing the unforgettable thrill of coming together with peers who share the same passion for technology and innovation.

We’re proud to announce Mozilla as the official sponsor for the event, and Ms. Shina Dhingra from the Mozilla Reps community as a technical mentor for the event.

Target Audience

This is open to all the students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year from different branches. The Build-a-thon is open to both teams (of utmost 5 people) and individuals. Individuals who sign up may then form teams with the help of the event organizers or may participate alone.

The five teams/individuals that impress the judges most will then be awarded certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolation), goodies and lot more. All other teams who participate and submit their projects will be awarded participation certificates.

Date and Venue

The date and time is for the presentation of the projects/ideas before the judges and all the participants must be present as evaluation will be done on this day.

Date September 14, 2019
Time 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Venue CS Seminar Hall, Main Block


You are always welcome to bring up new ideas.


You can choose one or multiple from the list below

  • Android Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics and AI
  • Web Development

Evaluation Criteria

Ambition​ ​of​ ​Problem 15
Innovation​ ​of​ ​Solution 20
Quality​ ​of​ ​Implementation 20
People​ ​Impact 15
Quality​ ​of​ ​Presentation 10
Future Applications 20
Total 100


  • Virtual Registration: The registration is just for the official purpose and all the decisions regarding mentors, prizes and goodies will be based on this registration.
  • Final Registration is compulsory for all the candidates. Link of which will be shared later.
  • All the final timings of the day for online submission and receiving confirmation is by 12 midnight.


Mr Sushen Kumar
Founder & CTO
Former Intern at GISCLE Systems,Game Developer and over 5 apps on Playstore
Linkedin : sushenk
Published : An Effective Approach to Discern Leaders in Wireless Sensor Networks
Winner of Valuepitch Hackathon, Ideathon, runner up IESA Makeathon.

Mr. Abhijeet Singh
Artificial Intelligence Intern | Microsoft Student Partner | Google Scholar
Email Id :
Linkedin : thatniceman
Winner of Innovation and FutureSkills Hackathon, Ideathon, NASA Space Apps 2018 India.

Mr. Vipul Gaurav
Email Id :
Linkedin : vipul-gaurav
Winner of Smart India Hackathon, goldman Sachs 2019, Ideathon Incubate, Futureskills Hackathon, Makeathon Mvit, Incubateind Scholar Recipient and many more.

Mr. Susmit Agarwal
Deep Learning Intern
Email Id :
Linkedin : susmit-agrawal-9b6443149
Winner of Innovation and FutureSkills Hackathon, Ideathon, NASA Space Apps 2018 India, MSHACK Finalist and many more.

Mr. Tushar Sharma
Machine Learning Enthusiast
Email Id :
Linkedin: tusharsharma16



Registration for participation in the Build-a-thon is to take place online by providing all necessary information using the form that can be found at Registration began on April 19, 2019. Any applications submitted with incomplete or inaccurate information will result in the team being disqualified from participation in the Build-a-thon. Organizers rulings in this regard are final.


The teams or individuals selected in accordance with the General Regulations above will receive official confirmation of their acceptance to the Build-a-thon sent to the E-mail address provided at the time of registration. This official notification will also provide details on the initiative and all information required like mentors assigned,link to submit the project/github account etc.

The panel of judges


The projects executed by the teams for the competition will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges, who can’t be questioned for their evaluation.


The final decisions of the judges are to be based on the parameters mentioned above. The panel will assign a score to each parameter, which will then determine the ranking of each participating team.

Requirements for acceptance and rules of participation

  • Registering for the hackathon is entirely free of charge and is open only to existing teams of utmost 5 people and to individuals who will then be able to form teams at the event, either on their own or with the help of the event organizers or may participate as individual.
  • The members of each team are to ensure that the personal information provided upon registration online is true and accurate and must unconditionally accept any and all decisions made by Build-a-thon organizers with regard to event organization.
  • Each team must be given a name as chosen by its members. Team names must not be connected in any way with the names of companies or registered trademarks or use expressions that incite violence or are discriminatory, obscene, or represent any form of defamation. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • If information provided during online registration is found to be incomplete and/or inaccurate, even if related to just one team member, the entire team concerned may be excluded from the competition.
  • Teams may not be changed once the competition has begun, and should even just one member of a team leave the competition, the entire team may be rendered ineligible or decision will be made by the Organizers..
  • The members of each team undertake not to present projects that have previously been submitted to other initiatives or projects that have been presented at similar Build-a-thon/hackathons/competitions.
  • Build-a-thon participants hereby acknowledge that event participation is free of charge and that participation does not entail any right to compensation of any kind or to reimbursement of any expenses incurred.
  • The Organizers reserves the right to decide on all matters not covered by these Rules and to add new, immediately applicable provisions to cover such matters.The Organizers shall notify the Participants thereof as necessary.
  • The Organizer reserves the right at any time and from time to time to make alterations in the format, agenda or programme of the Event as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Event.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to cancel any Attendees order including those of registered participants.In no circumstances shall the Organizer be liable for any loss (including consequential loss) or damage suffered by the Participants / Attendees resulting from such cancellation howsoever the same may be caused.
  • The Organizer will document the Event by taking photos and videos of the sessions and activities. By registering / attending the Event, you authorize the use of your photos and videos at the Organizer websites and information / promotional materials.
  • The Event and associated Organizer websites may link to other websites and networking tools, provided for the convenience of the users. The contents of these websites are maintained by their owners, for which the Organizer takes no responsibility; neither can responsibility be taken for contents of any website linking to this website.
  • The decisions of the organizers are final and the organizers are only answerable to the higher authorities and to the organization.

Event Organizers

Faculty Coordinators

  • Dr. Savita Chaudhary
  • Mrs. Pallavi
  • Mrs. Sushila
  • Mrs. Rekha BN

    Organized By

    The Department of
    Computer Science and Engineering

    Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology

    Aditya Raman
    Aditya Raman Software Developer | Engineer | Former Full Stack Developer Intern | Volunteer at UNV Online
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