Progate: Week of Learning

Progate: Week of Learning

Learning HTML and CSS is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. This 14-chapter tutorial is one of the friendliest HTML and CSS guides on the Internet. Progate will walk you through everything from selecting a good text editor (which is surprisingly important) to building full-fledged, professional-quality web pages from scratch.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for complete beginners to become professional web developers, so if you’ve never written a line of HTML or CSS, but you’re contemplating a career shift, grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and let’s get to work!


It is a web service where you can learn to program online. From intuitive slides to many practice tests, you can learn what you want at your own pace.


Week of Learning

Participants will learn the fundamentals of H​TML, CSS​ and ​JavaScript​ to take the first steps towards web development. They will learn some advanced topics and try their hands on web development during the Day 8 offline meetup. Finally, they will have an opportunity to showcase their skills and build their own project in the Webathon.

There will be a brief introduction on 22nd of February (Day 0) in room 104 NB for further clarification.


  1. Week of Learning is best suitable for absolute beginners, students of 1st and 2nd years are encouraged to participate in this program.

  2. Once they register, they will receive an automatic email with the next steps:
    ● Signup on
    ● Join the team on Progate using the link mentioned in email
    ● Start learning the ​first lesson​ of HTML & CSS to be eligible for the Day 0 meetup.

  3. One day before the Day 0 Meetup, students who have completed the first lesson of HTML & CSS will receive a confirmation email from Progate.

  4. Participants will attend the Day 0 Meetup and join the WhatsApp group.

  5. From Day 1 to Day 7, participants will continue their learning and complete the required lessons including that of Javascript to be eligible for the Day 8 Meetup.

  6. On Day 6, participants will receive a submission form for the social media contest, to be submitted by 6 PM of Day 7.

  7. By the end of Day 7, participants who have completed the required lessons will receive a shortlisting email to attend the Day 8 Meetup.

  8. Shortlisted participants will attend the Day 8 Meetup to learn some advanced topics and try their hands on web development. This will be taken up by Abhijeet Singh. Also, on the Day 8:
    ● Date of the Webathon is announced along with its theme.
    ● Participants will be allotted a mentor to discuss their project idea and get their queries solved.

  9. Soon after the Day 8 Meetup, participants can start working on their project to showcase their skills and compete for the prizes.

  10. On the day of the Webathon:
    ● Participants will submit their project before the deadline.
    ● After submission, participants will give a brief demo of their project.
    ● Winners are announced and all participants who have submitted their project will receive a Certificate of Completion on their email. Winners will recieve cool goodies from Progate.

Interested students can join the telegram group for updates : Telegram

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