Welcome Freshers and not so Freshers'21

Welcome Freshers and not so Freshers'21

Hey Folks!

Welcome to GLUG MVIT !!

GLUG (GNU/Linux Users Group) is the technical club of SIR MVIT. Here we are to welcome you and give you an outlook about the club. GLUG gives you a platform where you can practice , learn and get introduced to new technologies.

Let’s take a dive into the world of InfoTech. Learn Life hacks and best practices, get to know about the various domains and fly in the sky of Open source software development and more! Various workshops are conducted and tech events are orgainised for enhancing skills.

We are organizing a session in which we will be introducing you to all the exciting technologies available out there and help you begin your journey with them.

Join the session and explore your interest.


Glug Freshers And Not So Freshers Meet 2021


  • Introduction to various domains available in Information Technology.
    • Web Development
    • App Development
    • Cyber Security
    • AI/ML
    • Competitive Coding
  • Pretty deep dive into the world of open source software development and OSS community.
  • Learn about best practices in software development.
  • Brief information about recommended resources in different technologies.
  • Get aware of common mistakes made by beginners in coding and the right way to get started.
  • QnA

Event Details

This is a beginner-friendly event which will help you to kickstart your journey in your favorite technology.

Date: 29th May 2021

Time: 4:30PM

For any queries, join CodeShack Or contact, SHRESTH: +917509658487, UJWAL: +919611478322

Student coordinators:

Here are some links for recommended resources for learning different technologies that you can refer to:

Watch event video here:

1) Discussion of Agenda, introduction to Web and App Development

2) Introduction to Cyber Security and Machine Learning

3) Discussion of Competitive Coding and Best practices in Software Development

4) QNA session

Stay updated! about various tech events we are going to organize in the future :)





Visit our website, GLUG.

Kaushiki Krity
Kaushiki Krity C++ and OOP
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