Batch of 2021


4 exceptional years of my life. Met amazing people, learned immensely and contributed as much as I could! Community forms backbone, and the family at MVIT is lovely! All the peers, seniors, juniors have been instrumental in my learning. Glug has a special place in my heart. Have met few best folks in life in this college. Have had best of times and no regrets! ❤️

Ujwal Kashyap

I become happy when i achieve my goals. I become even happier when i become the reason someone has come one step closer to theirs !! Its not only about how you achieved your dreams, its also about whom you helped along the way. Learn something new everyday , teach the same to others the easy way.

Aswin Gopinathan

It has been an immense pleasure to be a part of an organization where there is nothing but love and support for anyone who wishes to learn. Finding such a community where experts and novices are treated alike is much of an ordeal these days, but GLUG makes everyone feel comfortable with any questions or doubts. GLUG has helped me discover the beauty of technology, and I'm very fortunate to have been a part of this! Here's wishing all the members an energetic year ahead! I will wholeheartedly miss all of you!

Prakruthi Manjunath


The team who gave constant efforts in building the Tech Community of our College.

Ujwal Kumar

Security Researcher, Community Developer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Innovator

Prakruthi Manjunath

Mobile App Development | Machine Learning | Graphics | UX &UI

Aswin Gopinathan

App Developer|Computer Vision and Deep Learning Enthusiast

Srishti Nema

Web Developer|Blogger|Data Science & AI

Harsh Gahlot

Skilled in web micro-frameworks, Databases and version control|Developer

Sunchit Lakhanpal

Flutter Developer|Full stack Developer


Web Developer|Machine learning Engineer

Masoomi Saxena

Artificial Intelligence|Public Speaker|Web Developer

Aditya Raman

Software Development Engineer| Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador| Back End Developer| MLH Fellow| DevOps

Shubh Saxena

Computer Vision|Web Developer|Flutter Developer

Akshat Jaipuria

Computer Vision|Deep Learning|Machine Learning

Rajat Kalsotra

Web developer|Machine Learning|Deep learning|Flutter app developer


Founder Qube| Web developer

Abhijeet Kumar

Associate User Experience Designer at Thence

Deep Narayan Tandan

Full-stack Developer

Abhi Chaurasiya

Full-stack Developer

Mohit Sinha

SDE at FlyHomes| Ex - Tekion, TCS Digital| YouTuber

Ruchika Jain

Incoming SDE @ Microsoft| Web developer

Kanishk Kumar

Full stack development | ICPC semi-finalist | Expert at Codeforces