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Glug Dev Days

A week full of learning & Development

In events, microsoft, mozilla, May 27, 2020

Web Rendering & Hunting UI Bugs

Hunt from Home, Mozilla karnataka! UI Bug Hunting

In cyber security, May 13, 2020

Why Every Organization requires a Bug Bounty Program

Every organization requires to have a Responsible disclosure program and open security policy to avoid breaches & cyber attacks.

In cyber security, May 09, 2020

Google Dorks, Recon & OSINT

Google dorks Usage - Basics to Advanced For Bug Bounty.

In cyber security, May 08, 2020

API Security Resources & setup

Complete compilation of resources to learn API Pentesting, which consists of resources for absolute beginners to advanced levels.

In cyber security, May 07, 2020

Secure Coding for Developers

Secure coding principles for Developers to reduce vulnerabilities before their inception. This post speaks of robust

In cyber security, May 03, 2020

Mozilla CS101 Experience

Our experience with hosting the Mozilla CS101 series of workshops at Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

In mozilla, events, machine learning, cyber security, flutter, Sep 13, 2019

Bug Bounty programs (complete list for 2k19)

List of all Bug Bounty programs and recommendations.

In cyber security, Aug 24, 2019